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AC 25 "Webdings" font

Hi all! Have a problem with "Webdings" font in AC 25 When I open text and put the symbol everything is OK, but when you exit out of the text it is not showing correctly...I tried to make a GDL symbol but same thing happens... Is there any bypass / so...

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Font type adjusting to missing font.

I am working in ArchiCAD 22 I started to work with someone new and their template contains a font that first wasn't on my computer. I loaded the right font to my Windows 10, the template comes from a Mac. As I am trying to make sure the text is showi...

editing text missing font.JPG start of text.JPG

Detail marker in an external reference section

 I have a building section that I am linking from another file. Within that original building section there is a detail marker that references a section in the original file. When I link that building section into a new project the detail marker come...


Level Dimension Tool by Story

Has anyone been able to crack the level Dimension Tool to spit out correct heights by story This tool would work great for our single story project Reflected ceiling plans to provide the exact ceiling height, because our story is set to project zero,...

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JeffH by Enthusiast
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electrical type legend schedules

hey all,i already have an electrical plan with legends schedules.what im tying to do is to provide a (different option) as an upgrade pack with different lights and different number of power points and so on... and add this to the existing master pla...

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