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MEP Equipment Favourites Missing in v27

Ever since Graphisoft implemented MEP Tool into standard Archicad some of the "Objects" defaulted to using MEP / Equipment Tool. For example 'Basin 27', 'Air Conditioner 27' just to name a couple. Ever since v27, all my "Equipment Tool" favourites ar...

AC27 migration changes door markers

Hi, Opening projects into AC27 and door and window markers are changed, showing a triangle. I have to reset them all back. Is this a known bug or an error in the migration into AC27 that can be addressed, before I spend a lot of time putting dooe the...

Layout page number

Hello,I want display the layouts page numbers on the drawing list. How is it possible to make that without using the layout IDs?

BUG in Layouts AC27

When cropping drawings in Layouts text elements seems not to respond correctly to the cropping frame and they remain still visible. This is happening also with DWGs imported as worksheets and placed in a layout. For the moment those texts are not pub...