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Cinerender Surface Settings Tutorial

This may have been posted previously, but I think it deserves another shout out. It's a series of videos which take you step by step through the settings for adjusting and creating Cinerender surfaces. Very nicely done Carsten!!!

Texture renders facing camera?

Is there a way to set an image shader to render aligned to screen space rather than the object? The Noise shader allows the output to render in 'raster' space (rather than 'texture' space) which allows for some interesting results. I'd like to do the...

Shader recognises distance from camera

Hi, does anyone know if any of the shaders can change their output based on distance from the camera? So achieving something like Fog in the scene, but through the surface rather than the render settings. I'm messing around with stylised render setti...

PhotoRendering completely blue please help!!

Hi all, I am having trouble with photorendering certain views that I have set up. Recently, for reasons I do not know why particular views I have set up and rendered a thousand times now appear blue and green in the viewpoint and when I render. Some ...

Archicad 25 optimizing for Mac

I recognise, that 2D Work with Mac is very fast, due to Metal from Apple. But I think, the 3D Work with OpenGL is little bit slow. Is there any suggestion for better work with Mac for Archicad 25? Sorry for bad english.

Kans by Newcomer
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Archicad 25 Redshift

Hi all! In David Tomic’s youtube introduktion to AC25, He mentions ”Redshift” as an upcoming (later) rendering option (at least in Australia). . As I’ve never heard of this, I’d very much appreciate if someone would enlighten me on this subject. I se...