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graphisoft please take care

graphisoft please take care af our productivity by improving the final archicad native rendering engine . you cannot claim a BIM approach without the full aestetic impact of presentation ideea because architecture still remain an artistic and visual ...

Cinema 4D/Artlantis workflow

I purchased Cinema 4D 8.2 and was wondering what the best way to export from Archicad and workflow. How does the rendering time vs result compare to Artlantis. Just purchased Piranesi also, I believe you can create a Epix file directly in C4D now tha...

Ola by Newcomer
  • 7 replies

RPC Objects / Archvision

One of the things that impressed me during the Piranesi demo was the power of RPC-content cutouts from Archivision: It's pretty neat to have cutouts that show properly at various angles, and cast appropriate shadows. I was ...


Thought I'd start a new thread just for Piranesi ... another thread has Sketchup included, and it should be its own thread as well. It would be useful to hear other people's reasons for purchasing Piranesi and any tips and tricks that they have disco...

Multi Media Authoring - What to use?

Our favorite program ArchiCAD, produces all the QTVR's VR's and multimedia any one could possibly want. But what Apps are available to create that Killer presentation? What are the best QT authoring tools available to present them in an attractive an...

Piranesi and Sketchup

At last a real forum! I'm working my way through the Piranesi tutorials with the demo version. About to start #6. Pro: The gallery shows what can be done, some very passable stuff. Con: This is not a easy program to use. Dozens of settings, check box...

rbissett by Newcomer
  • 7 replies