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Visibility though 2 layers of glass

Hi! I have a problem that I cannot seem to solve. Whenever I have 2 glass surfaces next to each other, they turn black-ish in the rendering. This is quite annoying, as I do a lot of bathroom renderings. In the attached image, I have Ray Threshold set...

Tendenz by Participant
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Decals and Graphitti

I know that I can drape a material on an object - like wallpaper And hang a picture that has a png file attached My questions is how to apply a decal or graffiti I need to place graphics on the walls that are decals or signage panted on the wall AND ...

Dashed line in Sketch mode render

Hi everyone, I wondered is there an option to make a dashed line in Sketch mode render? Looked around for this, but never could find a solution. Generally the idea was to show certain volume that stand above the cutaway planes (roof window, upper-flo...

Sky Reflections & Interior Brightness

I have been working on a basic render of a project I am working on, using the Cineware render engine. I'm really struggling to get the result I am looking for am wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get reasonable renders. I have an elevation w...

Options for rendering

Recently I've been doing renders of kitchens, bathrooms and similar for a building company and joiner team who have been doing a lot of renovations - I design the cabinetry and some extras in GDL, then mainly use the ArchiCAD library for fittings. I'...

Mimsy by Booster
  • 8 replies

Download US Product Library

My boss is wanting me to build a vast material library. He is very open to purchasing something that has great images, instead of me going through and trying to make every material and the final product not looking exact in the models. Items like dif...

JKL by Participant
  • 1 replies

Preparation for exporting to 3D rendering

Hi all, I'm just looking for some guidance on how best to prepare my drawings for export into Lumion and/or Twinmotion, mainly with regards to the allocation of surfaces within ArchiCAD as well as what extent a site is modelled within ArchiCAD vs the...