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Resolved! Align drawings in layout

Hey! Does anyone have a trick for aligning different drawings in seperate layouts? Or inserting drawings in the center of the layout. I included a picture for better description. These are two elevation drawings. Thank you!

RainV Participant
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publish to same pln path

hey All,so im wondering if archicad has some sort of similar feature to autocad for publishing in the same folder/path as source DWG is at. eg. can i publish the pdf in the same file as the pln instead of browsing each time i want to publish. the rea...

Is there a way to get Issued by the graphisoft ID?

When closing a issue/revision, it shows the computer username, not the username of the Graphisoft ID connected. Is there a way to change this so the issue get by the graphisoft ID?In the screenshot, the issue is by bruno, the user of the computer, an...