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Resolved! not for construction - watermark

hey i have been searching for some time now to have the best practice when it comes to placing watermarks on preliminary drawings but it seems nothing work. -if i put watermark in master layout its appearing behind the views and i cant bring i...


Resolved! Walls in a merged file do not display properly

Hello, I have a problem where I have linked a few files to my project (MEP systems), one of which being the architectural model of the project and some of the walls are not displayed in worksheets. When you select the linked model the walls are shown...

Remove comma from table list

Hi all,Is it possible to remove the comma or set the table so that I get a full number in the highlighted column?I have tried already to change my region settings as I could see in another similar topics, but this did not bring any change.I am asking...

lcdega by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Resolved! fit in window issues

hey all.whenever i press fit to window button it zoom out to 0.044% no matter what i do in unlock and how all layers. nothing is showing. can someone suggest a solution.

ahmad525_0-1686275895708.png ahmad525_1-1686275911626.png

Resolved! Export Elevation to MOD - Elements going missing

Hi all So having a bit of trouble with my MOD files. My plan is to export the elevations as MOD files, place them as a hotlink on a Worksheet, mirror them and finally place on a Layout. (Standard house needs mirroring.)The problem is when I place the...

Trace reference is not working

Hello, I am having some problems with the tracing reference tool, it works when I apply it to a worksheet but between floors it wont trace.. any suggestions.. I attached photos so you can see what I mean. Thank you

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 3 replies

7 Files - Sharing Worksheets and Views

Hey guys, Ok, so the situation is I had to create 7 files before actually setting up 1 file with all its worksheets and views in place and then creating the other 6 duplicates. If I select one of the 7 files and do all this prep work in (worksheets, ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 3 replies

Mark-Up tool panel questions

Hello all. We just start work with Makr-Up tool panel and have a lot of questions. Here one of them: 293. How to turn off Mark-Up on all kinds of Views? (Mark-Ups are situated in different windows: Facades, 3D-window, Worksheets, etc. To turn off the...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 1 replies

AC18 teamwork, text box extremely slow

It just popped up in a text box where it became super slow and sluggish to the point I can't even open it up to work on it (its a code analysis so there is a lot of text, but nothing too crazy in the formatting, some special tabs). It happened for on...

joypog by Newcomer
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