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Archicad 25 Update 2 is out

Hey Community, Today Graphisoft released the new update for Archicad 25 with enhancements to design, documentation, collaboration, and visualization capabilities — including the integration of Redshift by Maxon. Archicad will automatically inform you...

Shortcut to Unread Posts

Dear All,Recently it came up from many of you that it would be nice to see the unread posts directly instead of browsing a huge amount of content. We are constantly working in the background to improve the Community and find what is helping all of us...

Congratulations Erika! March TechTip Award

Congratulations to Erika Epstein for being the TechTip award winner for March 2004 with her tip on "Printing using the Amyuni PDF Driver": http://www.graphisoft.com/support/archicad/archiguide/PublishintoPDF.html AFAIK, Erika is also the first woman ...

Congrats on ACUWest v1.0

Just wanted to thank everyone involved in putting together a fantastic program. I was impressed with all the forward thinking I saw and to see what others are doing with ArchiCAD. I came away with a lot of new tricks and good ideas to improve the pro...

Thanks For ACUW

Kudos to all those who worked so hard to put on the great programs at ACUW. It was an intense 3 days of workshops with lots of very worthwhile information put forth and exchanged. It was well organized, a definite success! Whether you were a seasoned...

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It's time for ACU West

I'm looking forward to meeting all the Archi-Talkers at ACU West tomorrow. I hope we're getting a good turnout from this forum.

They are now Alive

Dear All, here I am once again...for a new big, amazing Surprise!!!!!! ArchiTerra 2.0.1, ArchiForma 2.0, ArchiFacade 1.8.1, ArchiRuler 1.8.1. they all have now their updated site: each one containing technical information, visual examples, demo, news...

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New Features Site

Dear friends, just few words to update you : - new images - plug-ins demo version - all the latest bugs fixing - all the upgrades are now available - new leaflets ALL those new features....at www.cigraph-store.com see you there! Vania

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Bravo, Link!

ATTENTION ALL! Mr. Lincoln Ellis, better known around here as Link, has been awarded the Tech Tip of the Year award! Read more about it here: http://www.graphisoft.com/support/archicad/archiguide/yearlytechtipaward.html Congratulations!

Djordje by Advocate
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Straight SketchUp 3.x export toward Art*lantis 4.5

Dear all, Abvent is launching a beta program for the new export plug-in of SketchUp 3.x toward Art*lantis 4.5. We invite you to download the plug-in, evaluate and return your feedback at: atlexporter@abvent.fr SketchUp will export straight your 3D mo...

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Now Shipping

Dear Friends, it's time!!! We are shipping: -Cigraph upgrades for ArchiCAd 1.8 -THE BRAND NEW ARCHIFORMA 2.0 For more info: www.cigraph-store.com I remain at your disposal for any request, best regards Vania

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HP Designjet Large-Format Seminar tour

HP Designjet Large-Format Seminar tour Designjet Online announces a new Large-Format Training and Events Calendar at http://designjet.hp.com/supplies/news_events.html Never again miss an opportunity to expand your Designjet knowledge and skills! Lear...