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Discover Graphisoft Learn Hey folks, We have reached an important milestone at Graphisoft: to offer a complete Learn Program to all our customers! And to be honest, we couldn't be prouder!To celebrate this, I am...

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New position of project chooser

In Archicad 26, the project chooser have been moved to the right side instead of the left side in the navigator. I think this has to do with the fact that the project map have been put in its own lite column (not sure I use the right word here).Anywa...

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OpenBIM on Notion

Hello everyone, I'm Huguadao, the webmaster of I have created this OpenBIM space. Welcome to join: Welcome active fans of Archicad International Station to contact me:, join the construction and ...

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Chinese Language Regional Forum , international registration invitation code: MKLPZWFN

Hello everyone, I'm Huguadao, an Archicad hobby and user from China. I cooperated with VDC, the most popular BIM orientation conference in China, to hold the ArchiBBS forum. Looking forward to communicating with Archicad users and enthusiasts interna...

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