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Highlight Custom Dimensions (GO or On-Screen View Option)

There is a criteria that can be added to a Graphic Override which can be used to highlight static dimensions, it would also be great if this were available for custom dimensions or even an On-screen View Option to highlight custom dimensions.

Export comments in BCF from BIMx

It is a disconnected workflow that I have come across, at the time of being in a meeting where I present the BIMx hypermodel and some virtual tour (with clients, consultants and/or specialists). Many times the annotations and comments go outside as i...

Wishlist | Options for Text Frame Shape

With the Text and Label tool you can apply a frame to the text.This applies a rectangular shape around the text.It would be great if there were options for the shape, like circle, rounded rectangle, triangle etc.There are specific (downloadable Label...

Screenshot 2021-12-07 134206.png Screenshot 2021-12-07 134627.png

Text contour offset in dimension text

Hi all, I want to be in more control of the dimension text settings. There should at least be an option to offset the bounding box from the text. In all views, when it gets crowded with lines and information, the text contour line just makes it worse...

jowig Contributor
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Detail Marker and Skin List Label

Oh My --- I had not explored this until now. I have no idea how long the skin list label has been working inside of Detail Markers. The last time i really looked at this you had to extract information from the name of the cut-fill.... and i just refu...

gdford Advisor
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New A25 - Opening Label - good job with this one

The A25 - opening label should be the role model for all labels. All labels (especially the autotext label) should have all of these choices for the label frame. The old property label is basically worthless now as it only looks to the element id.

gdford Advisor
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