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Object linking to Dimensions

I worked with a program called Chief Architect several years ago. They had a very helpfull feature that would speed things up in archicad ...... If you select any Item that has a dimension associated with it, a wall for example, select it then select...

Ken by Newcomer
  • 21 replies

Real Formatted Text Handling in PLOTMAKER

OLE just, well..... doesn't cut it for me. The idea is great, but when I OLE in word docs they look great on screen but do not plot properly. (printing does work, just not plotting). But don't you think it's time that this PAGEMAKER paradigm be taken...

Text Fills

I wish........................ Every time I put in text or leader textt say on a framing plan for it to look right I put a fill around my text and bring the text and fill to front. Why not have a fill built into text and leader text that could be tun...

Red by Participant
  • 11 replies

Global Defaults Option

ArchiCAD is incredibly flexible, which can be translated as "incredibly complicated". Every object has it's own Contour Pen, Section Pen, Vector Pen, Font, Font Size, and You-Name-It settings for just about everything. The annotation tool has separat...

formatable text!

when when when will we be able to format text in different ways within the same text 'box'? it doesn't have to be as powerful as ms word: just the ability to bold/italic/underline/change font of a single word in a sentence without having to create a ...