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Label Tool: #Fill Name

I have used 4x4 Slabs with Cover Fills and the Label Tool to post the name of the fill (#Cover Fill). I would like to do this in a 2D Worksheet with a 2D fill using the Fill Tool. But there is no "#Fill Name" for Autotext Labels. I am requesting the ...

Sketch Object/Marker

I'd like to see a marker tool, where I can sketch things out (think the sketch tool from Grasshopper or the grease pencil of Blender). Of course this should be linkable to objects, BUT also usable without linking (even more important imho). Sometimes...

runxel by Mentor
  • 3 replies

Level dimension marker that works with SEO

Whenever creating a floor slab plan, I typically use SEO or even materials priorities to create rebates and local setdowns in slabs where these are required. And I need to dimension the changes/steps in surface height with level dimensions. Unfortuna...

Date & Time Property Data Type

I think that is time to give BIM some Time and Date capabilities. (Forgive me the pun ) With Time and Date Property Data Type, and a proper filtering sintax, we could select/schedule amounts of work/material to a certain date/time or period. Endless ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 2 replies

Add ability to change case of text

We need a couple of options for managing text case in the text input widget. I'd like to see the following: - lower to upper case (foo bar --> FOO BAR) - upper to lower case (FOO BAR --> foo bar) - any case to sentence case (fOo bAR --> Foo Bar) Thes...