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better screen estate management

the bimcloud-web-interface is only useable with really big screens.if you work on a full-size workstation that's fine, but even on a 16" macbook i have to scale the content down to 80% to read the full name of a file.on a smartphone the web-interface...

Project Info Relative Path

Hi I'm using process automation to automatically update an external Project Info .xml file when a job is created and again whenever it's updated. There is a massive list of information from client data, site data, building data and project data which...

Pato99 Enthusiast
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Translator/Conversion options for HLM Instances of PLNs

When placing an HLM instance of an IFC file there are translator options (things like layers, building materials, etc.).When doing the same with PLNs (the native Archicad file), there are no options to translate. Below is my original query: https://c...


Drawing manager improvements

Hi all, Just wanted to share some thoughts on Drawing manager and the quality of life improvements it could use. Please feel free to add to the list. 1. File size column So we can quickly identify any large linked items 2. Option to export data Csv o...

DavorP Enthusiast
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show on stories problem

Hi! So our problem is, we want different displays for an element in each story level. For example, for a beam, in the floor plan and section category, you have the option to choose show on stories. Fine until now. Then in the category, of floor plan ...

so2 Newcomer
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Add ID to Edit Selection Set

One aspect that I find frustrating about the Edit Selection Set options is it covers a lot of bases, but it doesn't include setting the Element ID. I kind of understand that in a rigid BIM environment where each element has its own ID, but I frequent...