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Would it be possible to reorganize the "Choose a Label"?

This is a Forum wish. The column on the right is required to for all who post, to choose at least one label. But it it seems that the list should be at a minimum alphabetical. Additional thoughts: And even grouped into similar concept columns like "T...

WISH hub

Hello every one I am creating this thread as a central hub for essential improvements that I believe will optimize workflows, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in design projects.My hope is that the development team will carefully consider these sugge...

show on stories problem

Hi! So our problem is, we want different displays for an element in each story level. For example, for a beam, in the floor plan and section category, you have the option to choose show on stories. Fine until now. Then in the category, of floor plan ...

so2 Newcomer
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Material Priority List

Is there a list available with material priority? I am aware that this depends on the type of project but what is a good starting list? is there a template list available? Or does anybody like to share their priority list? and wouldn’t it be better t...

Rve Booster
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ArchiCAD Roadmap - Vote system

Hello there, I'm glad there is a public ArchiCAD roadmap now: https://graphisoft.com/product-roadmap My wish is that we should vote which features we want more, so that they should be in the top of the list in the next version. I believe this is the ...

Create a Wishes Forum in french language.

There is no Wishes Forum in the Abvent Forum, which is used by french speaking users.That's why I joined this english speaking forum. Il would enjoy one day will be possible to express much more precisely my wishes about this software in my own langu...

Tinou Enthusiast
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Forum thoughts

Hi, Since the last big update of the forum , the general feed lacks a lot of useful topics, tricks, it's almost busy with " problems " and software bugs , this place used to be a platform to exchange tips and tricks, great tutorials, solutions for da...