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Hide Building Material Individual Edges on Complex Profiles

I would like to be able to hide Building Material individual edges on Complex Profiles... With this, I could made a CP to perfectly cut the continuous (single slab to all rooms) recessed ceiling. No need to hide SEO operators. Just a strong Air BM in...

Braza by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Modify reference line of a mesh

I would like the ability to modify the reference line of a mesh in the same way that wall and slab reference lines can be modified. Sometimes I create a mesh and after adjusting the z-values of the nodes I realise that it's too thick. Adjusting the t...

Difference surface of column

The Column in Archicad has 4 around face and 2 top, bottom face. Normally, it can't paint 2 surface of column (like below picture 1). Can we have the same feature as Beam? How about that?

Curtain wall cutting out the wall

Hi everyone, Often, curtainwall is the same function as windows, door. I hope ArchiCAD has a feature like revit about curtain wall. It help to create curtainwall cuting out wall quickly. Thank all.

Walls to show on other stories

Why is that Roofs and Slab Tools will allow those elements to show on stories above and below, but the Wall tool will not. I am doing a foundation plan that has walls that do not extend down low enough to show on the plan, but I want them to show.

Link mep elements to voids

It would be a good idea to link the MEP elements to voids, so after creating voids from clash detection, and when moving MEP elemnts to adjust their position, voids can follow and move on, this can be controlled too by grasshopper connection, for mor...

Hide tangential edge lines on general geometries of elements

as I was discussing in thread: https://archicad-talk.graphisoft.com/viewtopic.php?p=315362#p315362 beams are presented wrong in elevations and 3D. There is always additional line between straight and curved surfaces (even with proper fillet), and the...

nejcek74 by Participant
  • 10 replies

Line/Surface Merging Control

This one bothers me for a looong time. When we have two coplanar adjoining identical surfaces, the line will always become invisible. As we all know and been discussed in this topic: https://archicad-talk.graphisoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=45918&hil...

Braza by Newcomer
  • 19 replies