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Edit Selection Set: Add Linetypes

I would like to see Linetypes added to the Edit Selection Set command. I recently had a large number of situations where I needed to change the layer, pen, AND linetype of many different kinds of elements. I could change the layer and pen, but the li...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Realistic joints between composite structures

Following the fruitful discussion over at http://archicad-talk.graphisoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=832 here's my wish: Composite structures are enhanced such that when intersecting, those skins defined as Cores abut while all other skins are be broken. As...

Optional Rebuild of Section Window

Like the 3D window. An oldie. Still the biggest time sink in AC. The better your model, the worse it gets. Of course, when they fix it, I'll have a lot less time to read ACTalk.

Align & Distribute

I would like to see Align and Distribute feature in ArchiCAD. Something like in Adobe Illustrator and a programme I used many years ago Autosketch - I presume AutoCAD also has this. My reason is for AC to become better at 2D and graphical work - ie n...

James B by Graphisoft
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Walls that can join cleanly in 2 directions simultaneously

Probably about 30% of the time I spend trying to make sections clean up is spent finding workarounds for the fact that walls can only handle one intersection at the same point in plan, and that walls must be the same height to clean up properly in el...

Walls that act like slabs

Am I missing something? I would like to use the wall tool in the same manner as I use the slab tool. For example: You can draw a slab and have it show as a dotted line on other stories. However you can't do this with a wall. It would be proper to be ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Composite Wall Flexibility

For a future release I would like to see Graphisoft add more flexibility to composite walls. It would be useful to have the various components of each wall composition have its own height parameter. As an example, with a plate height of 10'-0" and a ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Section/Elevation parity

Howdy, I'd like to start a discussion on making S/E windows more useful for working and editing (as opposed to just visualizing). This will require some feature parity with the plan window as well as a way to handle redraws and rebuilds. So here's my...

3D Rotation

I hope, that Graphisoft finally will add 3D Rotation function Tool, and that will work with any object.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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intelligent site modeling

Imagine if we could scan in a surveyor's plan, or import a DWG, and with a few mouse clicks, get a mesh with contour lines on it, that can be made visible or not in 3d views. Now imagine if, in the 3d window, you could grab points and raise the grade...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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