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Project zero

Despite the addition of two Reference levels in 8.1 (thanks, guys!) I still think that if you change the ELEVATION of the basic storey, all other stories shoudl follow! Or - we shoudl be able to choose what to lock: storey distance (the num field on ...

Djordje by Contributor
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Story sensitive "Gravity" option for top of Walls

I've seen this functionality in an early version of AllPlanFT... With the "Wall Top Gravity" turned "On" you would not need to assign a Wall height. The top of Wall reference would automatically follow the height of the Story above. So if/when the he...

Standard settings for all ArchiCAD tools.

I gave a big thumbs up to Karl's poll question on fills for slabs and roofs. Meanwhile sam66 wants an elevation pen for slabs. And how many times has someone lamented the inability to show walls on adjacent stories? So here's my wish: All the tools a...

Line Extras in 3D Window

How about having the Line Extra tools (intersect, fillet, chamfer) made available for use in the 3D window. I find myself reaching for those tools when I'm cleaning up walls in the 3D window.

roof edge/slab edge

I would love to be able to add detail to a roof edge-fascia, drip edge, etc. Also to thicken the edge of a slab (monolithic). Anyone else? Steve

Roofs & Slabs With Fills

I would like it if you could assign a fill pattern and background colour to a roof or slab just like you can to a wall. For example you could apply a tile pattern to a slab rather than having to use the fill tool. Moving the slab the fill would go wi...

sam66 by Newcomer
  • 13 replies

Horizontal extrusion

I would appreciate horizontal extrusion. When placing a window that is over multiple stories, it would be nice if this window would cut a wallhole over all the stories' walls, not just the one it is placed in.

Laurens by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

room centers

in the snaps point menu It would be nice if we could get a tick mark showing wall center within a room , or any space that is intersected by another wall - ie: for placing window in the center of a room.

RandyC by Booster
  • 4 replies

Shift Key Function

Currently I am using V8R3+(AUS) and would like to have the ability to hold down the shift key and be able to select other keys (cusor keys, delete key and backspace) as it was back in V7. eg. when I am selecting various objects (holding down the shif...

brendon by Newcomer
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