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Resolved! Change floor maintaining position

On some occasions, when modeling in 3D, out of haste or comfort, I place objects or mep parts at heights much higher or lower than the floor level. So then they don't show up on the floor. When I change them to the corresponding floor these objects m...

Resolved! Drag Slab in Section

In section you can currently "pull" / "stretch" walls & roofs in section, however, slabs can only be edited on floor plan. This would be helpful when we are having the use slabs as beams, as there is no polygonal beam/column option.

JackIPL Contributor
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Gutter Object

It would be great if it were possible to add multiple outlets to the gutter outlet for larger commercial schemes. We can add multiple objects for the various downspout connection on the same run but it would be better if it were possible to add addit...

Place Door by inside edge of frame.

It would be great if it were possible to be able to place a door by the inside of the frame when converting survey data. Most surveyors still only provide 2D which we trace off and they measure the openings from inside face of frame to inside face of...

BEhaving of Intersection – Walls and Beams

Hello to all! First, I want to post this image... and you can guess what's the different between lift and right there: Yes, left I use walls, right there a beams – they intersect basically differently.In many situations it is necessary that that beam...

snow_0-1648038037627.png snow_1-1648038569280.png snow_2-1648038839962.png snow_3-1648039001549.png
snow Advisor
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Export comments in BCF from BIMx

It is a disconnected workflow that I have come across, at the time of being in a meeting where I present the BIMx hypermodel and some virtual tour (with clients, consultants and/or specialists). Many times the annotations and comments go outside as i...