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Dynamic Array/Sequence tool

Construction elements are very often spatial configured in arrays with the implication that the individual elements shouldn't be regarded as mere copies without any other relationship but as members of a clearly defined system. Columns and beams, raf...

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Resolved! Stair Display UP/DN Text Separate Settings for Each Level

We need to be able to indicate the dashed line of treads above the break line without showing the "DN" text from above but still be able to see the DN text when on the next floor up. See attached image I have created to explain.

EH21 by Booster
  • 1 replies

Hatching – Origin and Orientation in cut Elements

Hello together, I first thought I raise a competition to see if someone is able to create a hatching für laminated timber that fits in every position. (means starting and ending with complete skins (40 mm here) But I'm certainly convinced right now t...

snow by Contributor
  • 4 replies

Generate gap above window or door

Have you ever discovered that this display with space at the top ist in archicad impossible? The space gets filled with a broader profile. In ground floor plan the space shows up, but also the laterally spaces are not shown in 3D. They also get fille...

snow by Contributor
  • 9 replies

copy + paste to a selection of stories

When copying elements in floorplan it would be great to be able to paste it in 1 click in multiple stories. The option to copy using the edit elements by stories is too uncontrollable.

Options when amending a custom object

When creating a custom Object (or Door or Window) I frequently have to make some amendments after the first attempt. It would be much less trouble if I could hold on to some of the settings that are already in place in the older version. For example ...

DaiG by Newcomer
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