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A Proper User Forum

Personally I am over this forum format. It doesn't deliver what I want as an Archicad user. Surely there are enough of us to start a new forum? We have given Graphisoft more than enough time to implement changes that would have appeased the majority ...

gavinNZz by Advocate
  • 31 replies

Export comments in BCF from BIMx

It is a disconnected workflow that I have come across, at the time of being in a meeting where I present the BIMx hypermodel and some virtual tour (with clients, consultants and/or specialists). Many times the annotations and comments go outside as i...

Trace Reference by Storey

When collaborating with external drawings I bring them into a worksheet and then use them for viewing the original drawing and as a trace reference. On smaller projects each floor is usually different in layout. The current trace method requires chan...

Hyperlink Property Data Type

If element properties import/export with Excel is going to work in the real world, URLs need to function. We need a Hyperlink property data type. TIL you can open well-formed URLs in the schedule within Archicad. This is... not very useful in collabo...

AC Link Property.png

Archicad and Excel

What are the chances of being able to drop an excel document directly into archicad without first turning it into a pdf???

gdford by Advisor
  • 4 replies

BIMx still not letting us drill down to Building material data

I am surprised that Bimx is still not letting us drill down to building material property data; classifications, and custom properties for the skins in composite elements. If I build an Element schedule I can push out to bimx a list of the building m...

gdford by Advisor
  • 3 replies

Layer Name Notes

To aid in the office standard and integration to the workflow of Archicad, I would like to suggest that each Layer Name, which has an extension, would also have a "note" section that could pop out like a help box if selected. This "note" box could ho...

Preserve all geometry and annotation when saving to previous version

This wish is related to the function where you can save a file to a previous version format. Currently, if a new feature or functionality was introduced in the current version (for example, polygonal Openings in Archicad 25) when you save back to the...

Add ability to apply simple styling to Project Notes

Project notes are a really good way to capture all sorts of bit of information that go into the thinking but usually doesn't get recorded anywhere else. In solo mode it's great to be able to go over past thinking and in teamwork it's great for other ...