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x-ref management information

just a simple wish today: i'd like to be able to see which translator file has been used for a particular x-ref in the "XREF Management" window. (along with name, status, instances, etc.) and just to keep on with the whole mac, pc, dialogues and cons...

Teamwork Forum

ArchiCAD's Teamwork functions and the directly related subjects of best Teamwork practice and the future of Teamwork deserve their own forum. Please vote to make it so.

Improve Settings Management for Element ID Manager

A fellow user has noted a problem with the Element ID Manager settings: http://archicad-talk.graphisoft.com/viewtopic.php?p=10306#10306 These settings are stored (for Windows people - not sure for Mac) at: c:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Applicati...

X-ref consultant DWGs into section/elevation windows . . .

i think that the title speaks for itself. i apologise if this has been wished for elsewhere... i couldn't find anything. collaboration on a large project usually means that consultants take over ownership of data in their field. a structural engineer...

In place module editing

Like AutoCAD's function to edit external blocks in the current drawing : You access the module and everything outside the module gets greyed out and uneditable, but it stays there and is still active for tools snap...

More flexible hotlinked modules: crop

It would like to have a control over the view of the hotlinked modules, not showing all the module but a part of it, cropping each instance like we can do with a placed PMK in PlotMaker. I guess that the workaround is exactly to do that in PlotMaker,...

Object linking on the Mac

It would be nice if Mac users once again could use object linking in PlotMaker. This option was lost when MacOSX entered the scene.

Laurens by Newcomer
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