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Bimserver file-storage folders

[I may be missing something big about bimserver, and also understand nothing about servers etc.] I am publishing mods, pmks, pdfs, dwgs, ifcs, xls from bimserver files. And bringing in mods, pmks, pdfs, dwgs, ifcs into bimserver files. Those files ar...

Ignacio by Enthusiast
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Reference paths manager

[Wished during the painful process of fixing links after a multifile project was moved to a new server.] I wish there were a way of redirecting all reference paths (hotlinks, libraries, pdf, translators, publisher, and all the rest) in a file by just...

Ignacio by Enthusiast
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Cooperation Unreal 4 Engine

Would love to have a good Connection to Unreal 4 Engine with working UVs and optimized files for Game Engines. I think this is the future of Visualization in architecture.

Modify the module in the master file

For a concern of a homogeneous workflow and for a concern of a good use of the memory vive it would be preferable that the edition of the module is done on the same master file, the idea is to modify the module as a staircase or Like a curtain wall 1...

Rotating the hotlink on the axes (x, y, z)

If this idea is taken into account it will give a significant improvement for archicad, imagine: 1-To draw a curtain wall panel in a module, to rotate on an axis (x) in the master file becomes possible in case of modification of the panel, when the m...

Export 3D model to FBX for 3dsMax

WISH: Make option to save 3D model in FBX format FBX is the gate for working with 3dsMax. 3DS format is outdated, DWG format exports triangulates and FBX (and DWG) can be "linked" into 3DSMax making workflow elastic and update'able. I understand that...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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DWG export automatically building elements to right layers

It feels outdated to work with layers to follow the ISO standards. Actually a smart exporter would export all objects to right layers based on its properties (structural, composite, IFc and/or renovation status...) Like in Revit. We would then be abl...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Export single-plane simplified models

Interoperability amongst BIM tools is obviously the goal in the OpenBIM movement. However, just exporting geometry to another application isn't enough if the format is not optimized. Many tools, like Sketchup and eQuest, operate best with simplified ...

Da3dalus by Contributor
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