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Transmittal sets to IFC

I would love to have the Change ID as a property and such as a possibility to save in the IFC Translator and emerge in IFC, to be read in an IFC-viewer. Property Manager under: Only Transmittal Set ID and Transmittal Set Name is possible to see in an...

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Make the preset Omniclass-IFC type available

I would like to make it available for the download the preset to map the IFC type (for the export) based on Omniclass classification (like the one existing for the Archicad classification).This would allow to export correct IFC type from elements enc...

3D File Format Export: please add USDZ

USDZ is a new file format created by Apple and Pixar. Hopefully Archicad will also have it soon. It is helpful to sent it to my iPad for Morfolio Trace to sketch on it for quick preliminary ideas. It is available to export from Sketchup for iPad. But...

Translator/Conversion options for HLM Instances of PLNs

When placing an HLM instance of an IFC file there are translator options (things like layers, building materials, etc.).When doing the same with PLNs (the native Archicad file), there are no options to translate. Below is my original query: https://c...


WISH: Zone and Schedule Formatting:

With varying regulations on numerical data presentation for spaces in different countries, I strongly believe that Archicad should introduce a separate type of scheduling that allows users greater flexibility to organize data and graphical representa...

WISH hub

Hello every one I am creating this thread as a central hub for essential improvements that I believe will optimize workflows, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in design projects.My hope is that the development team will carefully consider these sugge...