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Wishlist | Options for Text Frame Shape

With th eText and Label tool you can apply a frame to the text.This applies a rectangular shape around the text.It would be great if there were options for the shape, like circle, rounded rectangle, triangle etc.There are specific (downloadable Label...

Screenshot 2021-12-07 134206.png Screenshot 2021-12-07 134627.png

Graphic Overrides - Line Category based

Hi!In Archicad we can't control the representation of every line in a custom way and this may cause problems in the representation (especially in sections): This kind of errors may be probably managed by just giving the possibility to override lines ...

Schermata 2021-10-01 alle 11.01.21.png Schermata 2021-10-01 alle 11.08.17.png

Visual Property & Classification Manager

I would suggest a different approach for Property and Classification management. Architects tend to be more visual oriented, so I would like this management to have a visual, grasshopper like UI, which would also have an integrated IFC property mappi...

Miha_M by Expert
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Ability to connect schedules in layout

It would be great if schedule views in layout could be connected one after another so that each schedule can move along as the schedule data update. It would make it much easier to split long data heavy schedule into short manageable schedules, or co...

kmitotk by Booster
  • 8 replies

Worksheet should have the choice of 3d or 2d in plan view

Hello everyone, Went you want to make a detail in plan view, we should have the choice for the worksheet to have it in 3d or 2d. Went you are in 2d and you make a modification on the plan you have to update your worksheet and redo everything and make...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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