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shadows on adjoining properties elevation

It would be great to be able to have shadow casted onto elevation of object taking into account object behind the section line. Council's here require shadow diagrams showing elevation of adjoining property and shadow casted by our proposal onto it.

QTVR and animation improvements

1. When I create QTVR Scene, every time I want to change something I have to rerender all VR's again. there should be possibility to use already rendered VR panoramas and rerender only selected VR's. 2. It will be also more comfortable if I will be a...

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I want a new rendering engine for ArchiCAD!

I wish ArchiCAD had a rendering engine like VRAY, SplutterFish, Brazil, Cinema 4D, or other "state-of-the-art" rendering programs. I want true Radiosity, GI, and Caustics. How many votes would it take to get that? Is there anyone we can bribe?

Unlinked Elevations & Fills

When you unlink an elevation (created with the section tool) all the vectoral hatching is turned in to tiny little lines. That's crazy! Unlinked vectoral hatching should turn into fills.

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  • 5 replies

Default Layers by View, Subtype and/or IFC Class

Karl, Here it is with a little extra frosting. The real wish is a performance standard: To be able to have elements set to the correct layers by view setting and type. For example: When I switch to the Electrical Plan view: I want the Line, Arc, Poly...

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Ability to Stagger Section Depth & Distant Area Limit Li

When a roof plane (for example) extends through the Distant Area limit line, the roof edge changes line weight/color per your setting in the tool parameters. This makes no sense graphically. For me, this tool is useless in its current form. Additiona...

views outside drawing frame can be seen on all pages

Good to have all drawings that are imported in plotmaker and placed outside the current layout available in all layouts. I.e. they do not belong to any layout. This way all views can be imported at once and stretched/moved into position without havin...

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  • 3 replies

View set default

When i import a view from a pln in Plotmaker the view set always defaults to one particular view set, can this default to the last selected one.

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View manager

A View Manager that allows to share view sets between different files in the same way that Attribute Manager allows to share attributes !