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Section views

Section views: Is it possible to have elements which are obscured by closer objects, show as a dashed line?

KeesW by Contributor
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Drop down list in Interactive Schedule

When defining an IS for zone, the categories are displayed in a drop down list, but library part's specific parameter that are defined as a list of parameters can't be display in a drop down list... one has to retype everything... this allows to use ...

Real tree view in calculate menu

When defining an interactive schedule or any custom schedule in the calculate menu, if you want to add parameters of object, the choice to get theses element must be made by selecting the object first. To select the objects ArchiCAD will present a pa...

Door & window schedules, & cross file selection sets

Hi some easy to implement ideas that could be HUGE for intermediate to power type users worldwide! To greatly assist with troubleshooting door schedules, can we please have some positive indicator of orientation ("R" or "L") that door will be listed ...

Detail Tool: keep objects on layers

I wish for the detail tool to create it lines on the layers of the original objects, rather than putting everything on the ArchiCAD layer. This is similar in function to the section tool. One of many wishes to bring the detail tool into a fully imple...

Removing layers procedures

Might we add to the Attribute Manager (then roll the whole thing into the layer dialog): 1. Send elements on deleted layers to the ArchiCAD layer, or prompt the user for a layer for this purpose. 2. Merge a layer into another. When you merge data fro...

Purge layers

I think it would be great to have a command that would purge unused (empty)layers. We have just switched from Autocad, and have been merging and xrefing previous drawings, then changing layers to Archicad layers. We have accumulated probably 100 laye...

Proper Section Display for Columns

I try to avoid the column tool so I'll probably rate my own wish 'Important'. One of the few times I use them is for stone piers with a concrete core. When you cut a section through a column with veneer, the column displays as all core. (Heavy sigh.)...


This is just too easy to miss... I need the associative functionality of labels in order to create NOTES lists in the interactive scheduler. I can create OBJECTS that serve the purpose but can't extract info from the object/element they are noting......