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Graphical Improvements to lines

Lines which have square ends and the ability to show a line thickening left or right of the origin (see Informatix' MicroGDS method of doing this). At the moment we feel that this is ArchiCAD's biggest flaw. A much more presentable drawing could be p...

calculation menu overhaul needed

This could obviously be a mile long, but a start The simple - make the "set up list schemes" and "Link property objects" panels stretchable, like the rest of them. The important - Have a built in format you can actually manipulate, rather than having...

Specific view for linked elements : S/E & detail

Wouldn't it be useful if we could have a specific view for S/E and details that would work this way : If the view is linked, a switch in the display option would allow to : 1. Display everything as it has been until now in AC : live selectable elemen...

More flexibility with Section Tools

I wish upon my little Graphisoft star that we can split up our limited depth line and our distant area depth line in our section tool, just like we can with the section line itself. This way we could really make our elevations 'punch out' where we ac...

Link by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies

PM 3.0: master sheet with fields that could be changed

I wish there was a way in PM 3.0 to create a master sheet with fields that could be changed in the individual layouts? I know I could create auto text, but that?s limiting to the information used. For example I would like to have a field for ?area? w...

Hassanen by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

detail drawing origin

Id like to see the detail drawing located in the same relative position as that of the model. That way can cut and paste without an offset

Create Sub-Drawings in ArchiCAD without sections/elevations

It would be great if it were an option to add another drawing in the Navigator without creating a section, elevation, or detail marker first. Especially during the design phase where one wants to play around with different options it would help to be...

timeian by Newcomer
  • 6 replies

More features in IS needed

I think we should have some more features in Interactive Schedule. I am scheduling doors and windows in my current project and if there are some floors and L/R oriented doors - I would like to schedule those variations but in one field with front vie...

How about "Refresh selected schedules"

Refresh selected schedules function is badly needed... I know I know I can go to preview IS but it takes time and when I have some schedules which need to be updated it is a big pain... Best regards, Piotr Dobrowolski

Shaded elevation

I know it's easy to get a shaded elevation by using a 3D axonometric view, but these views can't be annotated and dimensionned in a 2D window. This option could be useful in the section / elevation options