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better renderings

graphisoft please take care of our productivity by improving the final archicad native rendering engine . you cannot claim a BIM approach without the full aestetic impact of presentation ideea because architecture still remain an artistic and visual ...

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hierarchial/nested layers (esp. for dwg x-refs)

it would be very benefitial for the layers list to be capable of handling nested layers (ie hierarchial) particularly for the handling of x-refs: each x-ref comes into archicad under a layer automatically assigned by archicad as the files name, and i...

First Whinge -- clean up in sections & Elevations

I really, REALLY wish that roofs, walls and slabs that are perfectly flush, exactly touching, and of the same material cleaned up poperly in elevation (i.e. no dividing lines show between objects) - just like they do in section (i.e. when section cut...