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I hate to sound ACADish (which I've never used) but can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE install some sort of BYLAYER function into the Layer Combos? We need to be able to globally change PENS / LINETYPES with an override based on which combo we in. EG. Walls...

better renderings

graphisoft please take care of our productivity by improving the final archicad native rendering engine . you cannot claim a BIM approach without the full aestetic impact of presentation ideea because architecture still remain an artistic and visual ...

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hierarchial/nested layers (esp. for dwg x-refs)

it would be very benefitial for the layers list to be capable of handling nested layers (ie hierarchial) particularly for the handling of x-refs: each x-ref comes into archicad under a layer automatically assigned by archicad as the files name, and i...

PDF layers

It would be useful if ArchiCAD had the same capability as AutoCAD to create PDF files that have layers

First Whinge -- clean up in sections & Elevations

I really, REALLY wish that roofs, walls and slabs that are perfectly flush, exactly touching, and of the same material cleaned up poperly in elevation (i.e. no dividing lines show between objects) - just like they do in section (i.e. when section cut...