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Hiding individual sides of a fill outline

I wish we could hide individual or multiple sides of a fill the same way you can when you're editing a complex profile. This would be preferable to drawing a fill with no outline and then using lines or polylines where needed.

Chris H by Contributor
  • 4 replies

Minimal Space - Per Object - MVO - Separate Doors and Objects

Hi, There are already a few topics for this wish but please can we have the ability to separate the on or off setting for Minimal Space for Doors and Objects so it's not an all or nothing. Also, could we have the ability to control the settings of th...

GO – make them really useful, useably, practically

Hi there, I don't know – maybe all the things I'll write here are already mentioned in this forum... actually if not, I wonder why...Anyway... I thought I bring this collection of issues about the graphic overwritings... hoping the tool will be rewor...

snow by Advocate
  • 3 replies

Renovation Filter Priority in Graphic Overrides.

It would be good if the Renovation Filter overrides within the Graphic Overrides Palette could have their priorities changed rather than be seated at the bottom of the list they could be moved to the top so that their settings take priority before th...

Gutter Object

It would be great if it were possible to add multiple outlets to the gutter outlet for larger commercial schemes. We can add multiple objects for the various downspout connection on the same run but it would be better if it were possible to add addit...

Don't show Contours of Openings wher are none

Hello together, With 'doors' it works basically correctly: If the opening sill is placed at the wall base, there appears no contour in the plan.But why doesn't this work with windows also? o.k. it's possible to turn that lines off manually.But if I w...

snow by Advocate
  • 5 replies

Ability to select a fill by selecting the text.

It would be great if it were possible to select a fill by simply selecting its associated text (area text). We often use fills to demonstrate areas for leases or occupier information and quite often they overlap. It's time consuming to tab through th...

Add Surface Area Calculation to Zones

Surface area is a useful calculation for Architects and UK Planners as it demonstrates whether a building is compact or not. Compactness is essential in urban areas, but is also highlighted by UK planners in Rural & Settlement Edges to prevent expans...

ferarri by Participant
  • 3 replies

Fix door sills: 'Sill oversize' unnecessarily linking to 'Casing'

Sill oversize is a cumbersome and broken feature within the door and window dialogue box. Without sill oversize selected, the sill sits in front of the door so it cannot be opened. The door always sits on top of a sill which is there to provide a she...

ferarri by Participant
  • 0 replies

More 3D Modelling Areas / different 3D-Areas in the same Space

Hello together, I don't know if this issue was already mentioned somewhere... don't know for which expression else I could search for it here.. I'd like to have in a Archicad file more independent areas, more "ground floor windows" where I can constr...

snow by Advocate
  • 4 replies