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Trace referencing from another opened file

We made the decision on a few big projects to separate the 3D model from the 2D details drawings to help reduce fil size and to maintain order (more than 15 people working simultaneously on a very big project with hundreds of 2D details to produce). ...

New command: "Remove points between collinear segments "

It happens too often during daily drafting routine that our mesh, slab, etc. "receives" points that aren't wanted. For example by add and remove polygon comands, magic wand adjustments and more. These commands too often leave unwanted points behind t...

Nikitas by Newcomer
  • 6 replies

Magic-wanding splines into tangential arcs

I wish I could magic-wand a spline into tangential arcs, so that when magic-wanding slabs or walls on a spline I got something like the red line in the picture, which otherwise requires a bit of old-fashioned laborious moulding profile hand-drafting ...

Ignacio by Booster
  • 1 replies

Handle dashed line by hatches

When the hatch has a dashed outline, that it is not continious where points are close one to another. There is an option with the polyline tool to make the dashed line continious, but by hatches I can't find that . Is there any way to handle this? (s...

Add custom Fill Properties

Hello I am working on a masterplan layout and for starters i`m working in 2D using fills get some area summarries. When i did a Fill schedule i realize the only properties i can get from Fills are the Area and Element ID. I tried with the Property ma...

Add adjustable transparency to fills

Currently the only way to get something that resembles a semi transparent fill is to use a half-tone pattern. This is inadequate for modern documentation purposes. Please add proper transparency support that allows the user to dial in desired level o...


I am a freelance architect, i work for clients from several continents. It is so frustrating to work in ArchiCAD using different units. I usually work in mm (metric), so if for instance my client tells me the head room is 8ft, i cannot directly inert...

The Little Things - A Proper Layer Manager

Layers are a huge part of how we organize our BIM models and how elements relate to each other in the model space we work within. I open the layers window and toggle them probably about 200+ times a day. There are not many other functions in Archicad...

gavinNZz by Beginner
  • 12 replies

"Clean Wall & Beam Intersections" available when drawing

Hi, It used to be possible to "Clean Wall & Beam Intersections" when drawing a wall. Now, when I click the first point the "Clean Wall & Beam Intersections" option is no longer available (it's greyed-out). Is it not possible to bring this option back...