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"Clean Wall & Beam Intersections" available when drawing

Hi, It used to be possible to "Clean Wall & Beam Intersections" when drawing a wall. Now, when I click the first point the "Clean Wall & Beam Intersections" option is no longer available (it's greyed-out). Is it not possible to bring this option back...

wall junction edit individual skins

I would like to be able to move the edge of each individual skin in a composite wall at corners and junctions so i can make these clean up in plan view. This would only apply when i have two walls with different finishes coming together at a corner.

layer switch lock

Ability to lock a layer while switching through tools. Needs to be a right next to the layer menu where the edit selection tool used to be so it is easy to turn on/off (actually miss the location of that tool). This way when you are working on say th...

layer as trace

Ability to choose a layer as a trace reference instead of having to create a bunch of unnecessary saved views.

2d wall

Like the option for objects, need an option for walls to turn off 3d. I can think of a number of reasons for this but one is foundation plans. You don't want 3d, you don't want to mess around with fill. When the size changes, it is just one click. If...

Block horizontal undesired moves

Some times when working in 3d is it very useful to prevent the different entities of undesired horizontal displacements. Some times the pet palette switches from the "Z" value to the displacement tool, and that is very dangerous bcz if you don't real...

Fast 2D drafting

It's quite important for a program to be flexible and fast in 2D, as we know that some elements are better to be only presented in 2D only. So, this wish is about better and faster snaps, command line - simillar to other programs, and faster appearan...

Fill in Building Materials

Hello guys! Is it possible to setup a slab with a building material and see a fill in the plan? Because I can only see the cut fill, but I would like to see it in the plans as well by default (without needing to activate the cover fill in the slab pr...