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Quick Rotation Shortcut

I have been always waiting for it changing in Archicad, a shortcut for a quick rotation ! like pressing a specific key, like the P for flipping, to quickly rotate objects, elements..etc to the most common drawing angles 0-45-90 very simple change but...

Mahmoud by Booster
  • 5 replies

2D - drawings on 3d-planes

It would be great to display 2D-drawings on any 3D-plane - think of a story with the planview under it. I personally would also like to draw with all 2D-Tools on selected surfaces in 3D with all functionalities. Now - morhphlines are the only way get...

selected 2D <> 3D

When an item is selected and the view changes then this is done because it is desired to view the item within it conext. > Whem an item is selected in 3D and the view changes to 2D then it is desired to view the selected item also as selected in 2D, ...

3x3 by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Magic Wand should recognize Columns

Something really obvious, so obvious even, it should be classified rather as a bug than a wish: The magic wand currently doesn't know what a column is. Try to magic wand a fill into a room which has a column in one of the walls. The fill will flow ou...

runxel by Mentor
  • 12 replies

DraftsPerson as a Professional

Perhaps this is not the correct Section for this topic. It's still a Professional Draftsperson's Wish. The Home page lists some professions like Architects, Engineers, IT Managers, BIM Managers among others. Seems that Technical Drafts Persons are no...

Polyline dimensioning

It would be helpful to have polylines that can count and keep track of overall length. It is not uncommon for clients or contractors or leasing agents to ask for perimeter dimensions of leasable space without needing to manually add a bunch of lines ...

rm by Booster
  • 1 replies

Composite 2d Line/Polyline

It would be nice to have an option for any line/polyline to choose from a "Single Line" or a "Composite Line". This way we could use preset Composites as a 2d element that could be used for patching Mesh sections with Composite Lines.

Braza by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

More Selection Sets Options

Good day everyone, Would it be possible to add more selection properties to the Selection Sets function? Specifically being able to change the surfaces of multiple objects at once, as well as being able to change on which stories they display. Kind r...

Zeelrich by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Trace referencing from another opened file

We made the decision on a few big projects to separate the 3D model from the 2D details drawings to help reduce fil size and to maintain order (more than 15 people working simultaneously on a very big project with hundreds of 2D details to produce). ...