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Filter Fills by Category using Graphical Overrides

It seems that this idea was intended to be implemented, but it is not currently functional. When using Graphical overrides, only if the element type is defined as Fill, then a filter for Fill Category becomes available, showing different kinds of fil...

GO and Surface Fill Categories.png

AI for MEP in Archicad or DDS-CAD

I would like to see how it could be integrated, either in the form of an APP, some software that can be integrated (such as Grasshopper) or from the software itself. I would also like to leave something very interesting that has been developed in the...

GO - Merging Fills

Hello together, because this former topic about GO seems to be closed now... I've to write a new one anyway, to bring the subject up again (... and I'm thinking about to do something that shows it at top all time... ) In many projects I used the work...

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snow Advisor
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DWG translator graphic override

Trying to control how DWG is saved out and having problem with fills - I want them all transparent/not to show. There is a very simple solution with graphic overrides but in this case we need to create duplicate views and layouts for DWG export - a b...

DavorP Enthusiast
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Design Options - add Story Settings Options

A substantial improvement to the Design Options tool would be an ability to include different Story Levels Settings in the option set i.e. story slabs at different levels - very useful in refurbishment projects where there are many solutions for leve...