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Macro GDL parameter type

My wish would be to get a new parameter type for GDL objects, to which users can assign any object of the Macro subtype. I imagine this as a logical extension of the profile parameter type. The motivation for this request is to make it easier to buil...

s_p_b by Booster
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Object Hierarchy - Calls - Parameter Transfer

https://community.graphisoft.com/t5/Wishes/Object-Hierarchy-Calls-Unused-Material-Parameters/td-p/226800?f=25&t=61786 Since we are meddling around with the GDL IDE in 27, I figured it would be a good time to reviving this wish, given that it is still...

GDL - Called Object Parameters

Hi All, This wish is for the parameters of Called objects to be available to the caller or be automatically added to the callers parameter list. This would make objects like Rotator more usable as it would expose the called objects parameters for use...

Opening lines for more objects

Hi,in AC25 new kitchen cabinets were presented with possibility to show opening lines for them in 3D/elevation. Great feature, less 2D drawing. But the opening lines are also important for the rest of the objects with with doors/drawers such as wardr...

tactile indicators for stairs

Hi! It would be great if it was possible to add tactile indicators directly from the stair tool in the same way that you can add the anti slip to the treads

Sabrina by Booster
  • 2 replies

XFORM (GDL) to have a scaling factor

My wish is for the XFORM command in GDL to have a scaling factor for the bounding surface area. Currently it can move the bounding planes in any (or all) of the 3 axis directions. But I would like for it to also have a scaling factor so we could also...


GDL: REQUEST ( "Floor Plan Cut Plane" )

The current function GLOB_CUTPLANES_INFO can deliver unexpected results and is incapable of delivering the relevant values to carry out correct top & bottom cropping of GDL Objects on plan. Examples of this can be seen in various sloping GS supplied ...