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Archicad 26 review

I guess a review is another way of saying wishes, right? Here's my review of Archicad 26: http://www.shoegnome.com/2022/09/08/Archicad-26-review/

Prevent BIMcloud Downloading Libraries when Changing Network

Every time I open a BIMcloud project at the office and then at home, Archicad updated the local data by downloading a whole new copy of the Libraries. The only reason I can see for this is because the network location has changed. This is fine in the...

Masonry modelling

Does Archicad provide a tool for modelling masonry walls? Not just a composite wall but actually modelling the blocks and mortar along with opening rebated blocks etc? If not it seems to be quite an omission given the amount of blockwork used in cons...

gavinNZz by Advocate
  • 9 replies

Curtain Wall Divider

Please, add a tool to make it easier to split curtain walls, just like we can use Ctrl + Click to divide lines, walls, beams...

Request for Trignometrical functions/identity improvements

Dear Graphisoft,Please improve the accuracy of the trigonometrical functions/identities, their impact dealing with every day work on Archicad is beyond significant starting from drawing/plotting of curved geometrical entities, to the calculation of s...

Resolved! Drag Slab in Section

In section you can currently "pull" / "stretch" walls & roofs in section, however, slabs can only be edited on floor plan. This would be helpful when we are having the use slabs as beams, as there is no polygonal beam/column option.

JackIPL by Contributor
  • 5 replies

GO – make them really useful, useably, practically

Hi there, I don't know – maybe all the things I'll write here are already mentioned in this forum... actually if not, I wonder why...Anyway... I thought I bring this collection of issues about the graphic overwritings... hoping the tool will be rewor...

snow by Advocate
  • 3 replies

To Graphisoft - Suggestions to improve Launch Site

These are the issues that I believe Graphisoft must improve to it's launch site, to make it viable for the next event ...The streaming must improve, a lot of us have suffered many issues and I can't mention all.The idea of chopping up the event in mi...