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Resolved! Layer combination, MVO, Overide combination combo

Hello, - Are there ways to combine these setting into one group of setting, as often they go together (other than by creating views). ? - Are there way to create dimension which are view specific? As me understanding goes, dimension and other annotat...

Archicad Development Roadmap

Every major Architecture or Visualization related software has a roadmap these days, and some let people vote on what's most important. Various software use different websites for their needs, main ones being Trello and Productboard. Here are some ex...

Landscape Module

Archicad is way behind competition on the site tools like grading tools, site tools etc, Revit and Vectorworks doing much better job in this division, it’s kind of shameful that software of that caliber has still no dedicated site tools, remember arc...

Only add/ subtract from selection

My idea for an improvement would be introducing a rectangle/polygon selection that will only add and one that will only subtract elements from current selection. Currently, we select many elements by using rectangle/polygon select and holding down SH...

Mike96 by Participant
  • 1 replies

Proper handling of image transparency

Currently, there is no full support for alpha channel in image files. If we import a semi-transparent PNG to the plan view or layout, ArchiCAD interprets white pixels as transparent and all the rest as non-transparent. This obviously doesn't let us s...

Mike96 by Participant
  • 3 replies

Show on Stories should always have a custom option

Every 3D item - walls, morphs, meshes , objects, slabs, trees, etc. Should always have a "Show on Stories" option of "Custom." Quick Example, I want an AC condenser and it's screen wall to show on story 1, so that it shows on the first floor mechanic...

Better distribution

If you want elements to distribute the function I need the most is that the computer automatically figures out how much distance between their bounding boxes is - and then aligns the objects accordingly. The distribution in Archicad however works dif...

runxel by Mentor
  • 3 replies