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Archicad talk black theme

Hello, as i spent lot of time reading here, it would be nice if we get a black theme to the forum, it woyld be more confortable

Search drawings toolbar?

Hello guys, I think we should have a "Search Toolbar" to navigate a drawing, view or layout exactly. Because big project have a large drawing number so it's hard to find a drawing.

2D lines appearing in 3D model

I think making 2D lines appearing in 3D would be a great way to enhance 3D modelling. Think axonometric or perspective plans imported from dwg or drawn in 2D lines (think what Rhino has always implemented). I think it is an essential way to show arch...

Paopao by Newcomer
  • 8 replies

A humble wish for christmas 2020

Dear Santa Claus, 2020 was a pretty exhausting year. Nevertheless I had always been well-behaved and listened to the support. Even if sometimes it didn't work out or I had to find the solution myself in the end, I never talked bad about Archicad and ...

License activations on new releases.

We are on subscription with all of our AC licenses, been on it for years, maybe over ten years I think. I'd like to get my hands on newest INT version right away with all the functions available, like saving a file. Normally it takes months to get a ...

mikas by Advocate
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Macro Recording

Good day everyone, would it be possible to implement a macro recording function, like the one found in MS Excel, to aid with repetitive tasks in Archicad? Regards, Zeelie

Zeelrich by Newcomer
  • 4 replies

New Feature: add named checkpoints to undo history

OK, so this is totally new and I have never seen this implemented in any CAD software. Imagine that you're about to start working on something a bit tricky and you don't know exactly how you're gonna do it. There will be trial and error and you'll me...