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having just watched plotmaker crash after 4 hours of laying out stair core drawings, i wish that plotmaker had an autosave function . . . ~/archiben (i know, i know, i ought to have pressed save a few times . . . )

"Shift-lock" key in AC 8 & 8.1

Will the Shift-lock key function come back in AC 8.1? You know, the one where I could keep my wall tool active f ex and then press the Shift-lock key: while then Shift-clicking on a "pile" of walls laying on top of each other, AC 7 would "flip" throu...

Material definition - more control

As many of us hope, one day (!) ArchiCAD will be able to produce beautiful renderings directly without having to use any other 3rd party application. At that time, all the material definition will have to be done in AC... Materials should then be mor...

Special Menu

Why would anyone not want to start Archicad without the special menu?? Why must you start Archciad with a Ctrl Alt to get it (on windows)? It must be made easier than this? Thanks, Michele

Michele by Newcomer
  • 13 replies

Multiple AC files open

It would be very helpful to be able to open more than one AC file at a time. Cutting and pasting would be much faster if this was possible. I know you can make multiple copies of the program, but that is a hack the Graphisoft has taken advantage of f...

rm by Enthusiast
  • 5 replies

Does this list get read by Graphisoft?

We were told, time and time again, that the place to send wishlist items was to Graphisoft directly. Has that now been canned and replaced by this forum? I certainly hope so, here we can see each others wishes, debate their validity and refine our id...

"Wishes" wish . . .

having just submitted my first post to this topic (and forum!) i can see some benefit in this section of 'polling' the wishes of users... djordje may having something to say about this, but imho it would be a very good indicator to graphisoft of the ...