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Translator/Conversion options for HLM Instances of PLNs

When placing an HLM instance of an IFC file there are translator options (things like layers, building materials, etc.).When doing the same with PLNs (the native Archicad file), there are no options to translate. Below is my original query: https://c...


WISH: Ability to Enrich Hotlink Module Information:

The geometry of elements can remain static in the hotlink module, but the ability to override the inside property of the element in the host file is crucial to reduce cumbersome workflows. While the use of Master ID within the hotlink module can be h...

WISH hub

Hello every one I am creating this thread as a central hub for essential improvements that I believe will optimize workflows, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in design projects.My hope is that the development team will carefully consider these sugge...

Support for IFC git (native ifc)

Hi can you support in ARCHICAD with IFC git or native ifc https://osarch.org/2022/10/15/whitepaper-published-on-native-ifc-methodologies/maybe would have collision with BIMX but for better animations and academic use ifc native would have great impac...

Isaina by Participant
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I want a hot link for interior floor insulation.

I've been dreaming for a while because of Relink all Doors/Windows to Wall Base. There is a problem caused by my country's way of using internal insulation.The top of the top floor rises and the floor of the lowest floor goes down.The top layer is no...

LIST of hotlinks and list of nested hotlinks

Wish: please add an "export to list" for all hotlinks and nested hotlinks from the hotlink module manager. Alternatively: Lists can as of today only contain elements, components and zones, not holse hotlinks/nested hotlink

Embedded links - PLEASE

I understand that archicad is architectural tool, however it also has layouts to create a presentations. Many times, our clients wants to review the presentations and products so we would previously create all presentations in google slides with embe...

Linked Stories

Anyone else would like to have a chance to link the content of an Story to one or more other Storiesjust like we can link faces of walls or slabs etc... Modules are ok, but we would not have to update all single change, and design decisions would be ...

Olnei by Contributor
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AI for MEP in Archicad or DDS-CAD

I would like to see how it could be integrated, either in the form of an APP, some software that can be integrated (such as Grasshopper) or from the software itself. I would also like to leave something very interesting that has been developed in the...