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Transmittal sets to IFC

I would love to have the Change ID as a property and such as a possibility to save in the IFC Translator and emerge in IFC, to be read in an IFC-viewer. Property Manager under: Only Transmittal Set ID and Transmittal Set Name is possible to see in an...

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Enable multi-page splitting for schedules placed as PMK on layout

We use PMK's to manage large model sizes and to benefit from a one-stop-tactique for publishing and revisioning 2D drawings. This workflow is documented under Layout Workflow: Larger Projects | User Guide Page | Graphisoft Help Center. Everything wor...

show on stories problem

Hi! So our problem is, we want different displays for an element in each story level. For example, for a beam, in the floor plan and section category, you have the option to choose show on stories. Fine until now. Then in the category, of floor plan ...

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Edit Quick Options Bar

Edit Quick Options Bar so one can remove items (such as Partial Structure Display (3D)) or reorganize so the options one wants visible are while on split screen.