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Need a way to manage licences from admin panel

Hi guys. I have a hybrid office model, where some employees work at home one week, and at our office another week. Sometimes, one or another employee forgets to upload his licence on his home computer, and goes to our office, making one of our ArchiC...

support by Participant
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Allocate Archicad licences through the BCaaS server & GSID

As a company we have embraced both cloud computing, remote collaboration and hybrid working, an approach Graphisoft is promoting loudly across its website and comms. The only thing left tethering us to the physical office is accessing our network lic...

Archicad and DDS CAD bundle

Hi can you sell archicad and dds cad in bundle like one package with one price and also make dds cad on apple silicon (m1 and m2 cpu)

Isaina by Participant
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Licence key automatic upload and download

Please make an update so that every time one exits Archicad, it automatically uploads the license key. Just like it automatically downloads it when you start the program. Currently I'm in trouble, cause I forgot my "key" on my home laptop and therefo...

Real wishes.

I wish that everybody who puts in a wish would take the time to master the tools that are currently available. The reason for this is that more than half the wishes can be obtained in a so-called "work around ".Are these workarounds? Or are these jus...

DDS-CAD viewer for mac

May this great free viewer and collision detector work on mac too! and I would even dare to say that it is a viewer in the cloud from the BIMcloud, it can be from a virtual machine for SaaS users.

Upload license key

Why isn't there an option to upload license keys from a distance? It has happened a couple of times that we forget to upload our license key at home. And as a result we don't have enough license keys at work. There should be an option to upload a key...