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Link Drawing in organizer

I wish there was a button to link te drawing in the organizer. See the printscreen below.

Moreno by Participant
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Prevent BIMcloud Libraries Updating when changing Location

It would be great if the process of checking for BIMcloud Library Updates was changed so that it didn't think every time you change local network that all of the downloaded BIMcloud Libraries need to be updated. Every time I switch from working on th...

Preview 2 - Floating attributes menu

Hi, Maybe there is something wrong, but thhis palette looks the same like 26.1yes it stretches up when the attribute list is too long, but it's behaviour is strange and she always pop up in a crazy way, i have to guess how and where and how long it w...


Curtain Wall Divider

Please, add a tool to make it easier to split curtain walls, just like we can use Ctrl + Click to divide lines, walls, beams...

Request for Trignometrical functions/identity improvements

Dear Graphisoft,Please improve the accuracy of the trigonometrical functions/identities, their impact dealing with every day work on Archicad is beyond significant starting from drawing/plotting of curved geometrical entities, to the calculation of s...

GDL Reference Guide/Learning — please add “Channels” explanation.

Please add a simple explanation on rationale behind “Channels" concept somewhere in "Learning" section of GDL Center. Very few GDL users have even basic understanding of channel I/O architecture concepts. Various GDL built-ins call channels extensive...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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PARAM-O specific Wish Section.

PARAM-O is one of the most promising developments ARCHICAD had in the last 30+ years and has potential to increase ARCHICAD market penetration dramatically... and yet there is no specific section of wishes dedicated to PARAM-O features. Please make o...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 7 replies

Auto-generated GDL script must have END and list of parameters

When ArchiCAD saves GDL object, it must place at the end of each script (apart of master script) END and all parameters of this object. It is very easy to implement, but it opens great possibility to read parameters from another object using RETURN_P...

True inline attributes

At the moment all attributes you define inline will be added to the project. This is clearly nonsense and just pollutes the attributes list. (Ever downloaded a window from bimobjects just to find you suddenly have 2000 new materials? ) We need the ab...

runxel by Virtuoso
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