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I would like to see this command modified such that the top view PROJECT2 3,270,2, [cut section through object at this height] had an additional parameter to chop it off at a predetermined height above its origin. Think of it, no more goofing around ...

Vitruvius by Participant
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Project File as Virtual Building "Black Box"

(Inspired by Ben Frost's comments elsewhere.) I would like the ArchiCAD project file to function as an independent "black box" data structure that can be accessed and modified from a variety of programs. In other words, the Virtual Building has clear...

Window and Door parameters for rendering

GS, and all other GDL experts that design windows and doors; it would be most helpful to people who use there models for rendering if the following criteria were applied to the design of ALL windows and doors regardless of there application or buildi...

rm by Enthusiast
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3d line cleanup with objects

I can never get an object to cleanup at a 3D intersection with a slab in the same way a wall does. ( see attached elevation). It should It wouljd make my life much easier if it did and this is my bigest source of untidy elevations

object amelioration

Sure there is some other wishes related to this, becomes hard to check everything We are often hesitant to save as object graphically made "objects" because it is not flexible enough and we lose a lot of the smart arrow detection proprieties. A few s...

If you use the Add-on Profiler

Profiler REALLY comes in handy designing custom 3D crown and base moldings, columns, and custom light fixtures just to name a few benefits. But the down side is having to save each extrusion as its own library part, naming each piece and keeping trac...

rm by Enthusiast
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stair maker

Hello Everybody happy with stair maker? We are not...most of our corrupted files have something to do with it, we tried almost all possibilities, never got any acceptable printable technical (1/50) drawing with the tool (ok the simplest one maybe if ...