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New GDL parameter : font

Can't we have a simple new parameter type : font, where a drop down list of available fonts would be presented to the user, instead of having to create a VALUES list of use external API ?

Interactive hotspots in all GSM subtypes

I assume this is already in the works. But just in case it isn't, I would REALLY like to have the new (user interactive) hotspots available all GDL object subtypes. I don't know which types they are presently resticted to (anybody have a list?) but I...

publisher 3d browsing

Id like to see that the Project Publisher have integrated a 3d opengl viewer for java environment and export and publish a 3d model of virtual building.

Fill number - Standard and locked

When writing GDL objects, I often use Solid fill and Empty Field. From one file to another, the ref. n° of the fill is changed so you can't use the n° to define the fill type, but you can't use the name neither as it seems to change in each version, ...

More Object Display Options

Each object the is capable of being displayed in the 3D window or in a section/elevation needs to have more display options. At present the walls have an option that allows them to displayed as different color in elevation. Why not slabs? Why not roo...

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Kitchen cabinets; additional parameter

Would be nice if the International library parts included in the "Kitchen Cabinets" all had a parameter added for the Toe (Skirting) to be able to set the depth of them. As it is now, the included cabinets' skirting have 2 separate depths in this fol...

It's improtant to Improve or perfect GDL Function

GDL is good at describing geometry object, yes, it's quite good. But there are lots of things we have to do is no-geometrical. For example, variable type convertion. We can convert a numeric variable to string type, but we can not convert backward. S...

A few things to make GDL less frustrating

1. Auto save and recover. Nothing worse than your computer crashing and losing hours worth of work. Why isn't recover work in the GDL window? 2. When adding new parameters it would be nice if they appeared below the current highlighted one rather the...

GDL calling of other objects

If I call an object within a GDL script I need to define all the parameters of the called object ( or accept its defaults. It would be a lot easier to to see a portal view of the "called object" and adjust the parameters in a special window. Hmm not ...