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New GDL Commands: Stretch Plane/Poly (StrchPlane/Poly?)

I would like to see a new GDL command capable to stretch any GDL geometry. Its syntax could be similar to Cutplane and Cutpoly commands, where you can define a plan/polygon and a direction vector that define the stretch dimension. These commands woul...

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  • 5 replies

CPU Multithreading, GPU Rendering better point cloud support

Hi, Just wondering when ArchiCAD will support CPU Multithreading and better support or point clouds. Currently, as I work with a point cloud the GPU and CPU utilization remains under 50%. I can confirm this is not a hardware issue on my end and is a ...

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  • 9 replies

User Fixed GS Object

As you may have noticed while delving through the GS and reseller object libraries that there are a multitude of objects that do not quite work how they are supposed to. Sometimes you will skip the object, but other times you spend one minute to do a...

Would like to get same results as SEO (3D) in 2D

I like the SOE-functions in 3d-Script very much and use them often, because it simplify a lot - otherwise there would be a huge amount of 3D-calculations needed for the cutpoints. I wish something similar for the 2D-script. I would like to declare a ...

Save Selection As...

Hi all, When you save a selection as an object, the first few lines of the 2D and 3D script consist of MUL commands. For quick doors and windows, this is fine as A, B and ZZYZX are easily editable within the object settings. When it comes to other su...