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Renovation tool for composit walls

Dear Graphisoft,It's very cute that every year you try to come up with different little (unimportant sometimes!) improvements in order to sell another version of this programme, but please think a little about all the poor mortal users (me included) ...

DianaT Participant
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Transmittal sets to IFC

I would love to have the Change ID as a property and such as a possibility to save in the IFC Translator and emerge in IFC, to be read in an IFC-viewer. Property Manager under: Only Transmittal Set ID and Transmittal Set Name is possible to see in an...

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Ingolf Enthusiast
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Copy Selection to Design Option

Seeing how GS think that duplication of objects across alternative designs is a feasible approach to BIM we sadly are likely to be stuck with this inefficient workflow for some time. So could we at least get the ability to copy a selection of element...

Design Options - add Story Settings Options

A substantial improvement to the Design Options tool would be an ability to include different Story Levels Settings in the option set i.e. story slabs at different levels - very useful in refurbishment projects where there are many solutions for leve...