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WISH: 3D Worksheet

Wish: To have predefined independent 3d space for object creation instead to make objects (customized furniture, handles, equipment etc) inside the common project space.In my pipeline I make a layer combination called "Object Modelling" and special l...

Ability to protect my .PLN or .TPL files

Hi. Hope everyone is ok, wouldn't it be great if we had the option to protect our Archicad files, either by passwords, or a key that allows you to prove yourself as someone who is on the team or someone who has some approval.

Layer Definition Attributes

Seeing that GS is unable to embrace the future and move on from layers it would be good if we at least were able to use the same naming convention for layers as for classifications. Currently this is not possible as the period sign is used as an auto...

WISH: Zone and Schedule Formatting:

With varying regulations on numerical data presentation for spaces in different countries, I strongly believe that Archicad should introduce a separate type of scheduling that allows users greater flexibility to organize data and graphical representa...

WISH hub

Hello every one I am creating this thread as a central hub for essential improvements that I believe will optimize workflows, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in design projects.My hope is that the development team will carefully consider these sugge...

Material Priority List

Is there a list available with material priority? I am aware that this depends on the type of project but what is a good starting list? is there a template list available? Or does anybody like to share their priority list? and wouldn’t it be better t...

Rve by Booster
  • 7 replies

Support for IFC git (native ifc)

Hi can you support in ARCHICAD with IFC git or native ifc https://osarch.org/2022/10/15/whitepaper-published-on-native-ifc-methodologies/maybe would have collision with BIMX but for better animations and academic use ifc native would have great impac...

Isaina by Participant
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Automatic Name and ID for Folder Items

Even though folders remain underdeveloped with their true management potential unrealised there are still seemingly small things that could be done to make folders at least useful for organising. One of these is the ability to set folder level rules ...

Section Cropping & Change Log

The Change Log / Revision Management is great in AC, but I have a problem with it generating false / irrelevant revisions. The problem comes when cropping sections (and elevations). Where elements touch the crop / range boundary and are changed and l...