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"Print" from "Page Setup"

now this could well be an apple thing rather graphisoft, however . . . having the ability to press a "Print" button directly from the "Page Setup" dialogue is surely a no-brainer? ~/archiben (ps - maybe this is possible already on a PC?)

Plotmaker Backup

Since using Version 8 i have lost 2 Layout books full of drawings. Since then i have asked everyone in the office to backup their layout books in the case of the file becoming corrupted. Although in our office the whole system is backedup it does not...

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!Restored: Controlling Distant Elevation Pens

I spent the entire day yesterday decoding the mystery of how ArchiCAD determines what pens to use to represent objects in the Distant area of a section or elevation. How completely bizzare! ArchiCAD needs to add some form of control for how this is a...

Longer sheet titles needed

One wish I have for PlotMaker 3 is to give it the ability to handle more letters in the layout names (used for sheet titles). The limit seems to be 31 letters which is fine most situations, but when you have long titles for a small house project like...