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U3D Hierarchy by floors

Right now, the u3d hierarchy is by GUID of every element in the scene. This makes the scene slower because there are tons of elements in it. It will be great to have the Hierarchy of U3D by floors, each element named by floor name. Thanks

Tomer1 by Newcomer
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VR-App for Android and IOs - BimX new function...

Because there is no rendering - VR-task in this wishlist-forum - i post it here. thematically nearest, i think.. I wish a similar function to the Doka VR-App for BimX or archicad... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRut-Qdwbgc


In order to support the draftsman the program need to output 2 essential principles: information and liberty. I am an architect, a draftsman and a P.M.; for few projects all together. Working with ArchiCAD from version 6.5 I've noticed that some aspe...

GPU Renderer

Hello Everyone It could be super if Archicad could come with a GPU Renderer like Lumion or EEVEE

Save As Blender

For the last couple of months I have been taking part into two efforts to get better, photo-realistic, faster 3D output from my Archicad workflow. One, is testing the excellent Corona Renderer, as a plugin for Archicad, which I feel is extremely prom...

The ability to choose orgin point of my layout template

I would love to have the ability to choose orgin of my layout template. More specificaly, I want tho have the orgin on the right hand side. You are probably asking why. So the thing is, usually the text stuff that are same for all drawings are placed...

Save option in BIMx Desktop Viewer

Hi, the option to save settings in the BIMx Desktop Viewer is no longer available - please can it be returned? Sometimes we need to send a BIMx model out to a client, but there's no way of saving it with our preferred settings - instead we'd have to ...


I would also like that Property Manager allows us to populate IFC Scheme using its standard value types. Otherwise, we have to use mapping rules to populate them. It works, but it could be a more efficient workflow.